A Marketing Plan For A New Marketing Strategy

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f. Legal- legal strategies are two sided as they put into consideration of the governmental legal requirements and, on the other hand, defines the organization’s policy administration. For a triumphant marketing plan, understanding the government legal approaches allows for efficient operation and inter-relationship with other organization. Similarly, internal legal policies allow the company to uphold its operation in a set manner.
4.0: Marketing Audit
A market audit process is a tool that can never be neglected despite the situation. However, very few companies carry out comprehensive audit understanding of their various operations. As a result, this has presented big margins between companies that constantly integrate market audit in their operations and those that do not (Wilson, 2002). Moreover, it is evident that efficient marketing managers need to appreciate market audit significance to the company’s effective marketing plan (Blythe, & Megicks, 2010). Essentially, market audit involves the process of analyzing the specific details on the marketing approaches embraced as realizing the best path to follow for effective operations on the same. Additionally, the audit process is of such great significance as it accords the organization the chance to answer the question of their current position. By answering the question “Where are we now”, the company is in a better position to understand the environment as well as identify the manner in which the operations are
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