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A marketing plan for TWG Tea to enter China market Table of contents Executive Summary 3 1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 Product background 4 1.2 Company background 4 1.3 Country background 4 2.0 Business Evnrionment 5 2.1 PESTEL analysis 5 2.2 SWOT analysis 6 2.3 Market analysis 8 3.0 Marketing strategy 8 3.1 Objectives 8 3.2 Target market 8 3.3 Positioning 8 3.4 Marketing mix 8 3.4.1 Product 9 3.4.2 Price 9 3.4.3 Place 10 3.4.4 Promotion 10 4.0 Implement and control 11 4.1 Implement 11 5.2 Control and evaluation 12 5.0 Conclusion 12 6.0 Reference 14 Executive Summary This marketing plans aims to help TWG Tea, a…show more content…
Exclusive blends, patisseries and other tea infused specialties are the major products provided by this company (TWG, 2009). Under the guidance of EU tea concept, this company has established many luxury tea retail outlets and tea boutiques in Asia Pacific and Middle East area. Exquisite tea and excellent service provided professionals have enabled this company to enjoy good reputations in the international world. 1.3 Country background China as one of the largest developing country in Asia-Pacific area in recent years has experience fast and stable economic growth and significant improvement of living standard. With a long history of tea drinking, this country presents a potential market for TWG considering strong demand, large size of market and familiarity of consumers to tea related products. TWG as a western styled tea retailer comparing to most of these traditional tea restaurants in China also has obvious advantages such as more flavors and desserts provisions. Therefore, this marketing report plans to market TWG tea in China to help The Wellness Group to seek new growth opportunities. 2.0 Business Environment 2.1 PESTEL analysis Political: The People’s Republic of China has followed one party system since its independence in 1949. Benefiting from its stable political systems, the

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