A Marxist Approach Of Orwell 's 1984 Essay

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Jasmine Gomez
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ENG 381
12 December 2016
A Marxist Approach to Orwell?s 1984
??????? In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
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George Orwell lived in a time that was highly critical of the oppression that existed as a result of communist power, as seen in Russia?s Soviet Union and Spain?s War of Independence. The mid-20th century was a time where the world seemed to constantly be on the brink of destruction. Between the World Wars, the rise of totalitarianism and fascism, society was not in the most stable position. While, most people blamed these issues on the rise of communism, Orwell takes a different approach as to why these apocalyptic events occurred. He argued that the issues lied with Western capitalist regimes and that these regimes can just as easily collapse on themselves, becoming systems of government where one has absolute power and oppression thrives. Orwell illustrates this by crafting a world from which society is overtaken by an unrelenting dictatorship. Set in the future, 1984 takes place in Oceania, which is closely based off of London, England in the 1940s. In Orwell?s alternate universe, he presents the audience with a world where totalitarianism and fascism thrives. Orwell both utilizes and
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