A Mass in a Catholic Church Essay

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A Mass in a Catholic Church

A mass in a catholic church is divided into two topics. These are the liturgy of the word and the liturgy of the Eucharist.

The liturgy of the word is focused on the lectern where the main vocal parts of mass take place,-the first and second reading's , the gospel etc. And is a time where God is thanked and praised. The mass starts with the potential rite where everyone taking place in the mass say's the prayers "Lord have mercy", and "I confess". These two important prayers are said to ask God for forgiveness, to say sorry for all the things they have done wrong-to cleanse that person from sin.

Prayers are used in all aspects of the mass whether it is for
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if someone came from a foreign country and was a different colour or race and couldn't speak the language then that person would feel left out so he would say to treat this person as you would your best friend.

As the priest does the homily he say's the words "let us stand together to express our faith". So everyone in the church at the time stand and say together the Nicene creed which is the statement of belief-"I believe in one God, the Father the Almighty etc. This will strengthen each person's faith towards God knowing there is people all around sharing the same expressions and belief as one another.

After the Creed finishes the same person from the congregation who read the two readings comes out to the lectern again to read the bidding prayers which are said for us to remember the and pray for:-

The sick,

The homeless,

The dying,

The dead,

The community etc.

Then after each bidding prayer is read out, everyone in the church reply's either "Lord hear us", "Lord graciously hear us" or "Lord hear our prayer".

During this time and the offering, the hail Mary is said by everyone in the church because Mary intercedes the prayers as she is the mother of God and she is a mediatrix.

The offering is then followed where the congregation which is where th congregation give money to the baskets which are sent to people all over the world who are less

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