A Master Plan For A New Mixed Urban Business District

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Figure ‎3 2 Zaha Hadid Archiects, Kartal-Pendik Masterplan, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006. (Schumacher, 2009) The urban fabric comprises both cross towers and perimeter blocks. The image shows the morphological range of the perimeter block type while blocks are split into four quadrants allowing for a secondary, pedestrian path system. Moreover the block system, at certain network crossing points, is realized to the tower system: each block sponsors one of the quadrants to form an artificial tower around a network crossing point. See Figure ‎3 2 Figure ‎3 3 One North Masterplan, Network – Fabric – Buildings, Singapore, Zaha Hadid Architects 2001-2003. (Schumacher, 2009) Fabric and network. This master plan for a new mixed-used urban business district in Singapore was the first of a series of radical master plans that lead to the concept of parametric urbanism and then to the general concept of parametricism. Figure ‎3 3. 3.4.3 Parametricism as Style (Defining Heuristics and Pertinent Agendas) Contemporary architecture and urbanism is addressing the social demand via new principles of parametric design techniques. However, the research will be faced with a new style rather than just with a new set of techniques. The techniques are the employment of animation, simulation and form-finding tools, as well as parametric modelling and scripting have inspired a new collective movement with new determinants and values. Consequently, this opens up new connected design problems that are
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