A Master 's Program At Queen 's School Of Business

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I am applying to the Master of Science in Management (MSc) program at Queen 's School of Business to pursue my interest in Strategy and build a base of knowledge and experience that will position me to pursue a PhD. I currently attend a Master 's program at Queen 's School of Policy where I am studying Industrial Relations and completing an independent research project in Organizational Behaviour. While pursuing this course of study I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kate Rowbotham and other faculty at Queen 's who have helped me realize that my interest in macro-level interactions between organizations and their environments are best addressed within the field of Strategy. In the MSc program, I would be interested in working with Dr. Tina Dacin, whose work intersects the fields of Organizational Behaviour and Strategy.

My professional background is in business management and entrepreneurship. The four years I spent in Hawaii 's biotechnology industry improved my ability to think analytically and provided me with experience in applied scientific research. While working in biotechnology research, I regularly collaborated with Ph.D. level colleagues to produce professional quality results under strict deadlines.

Later I followed my passion and became an entrepreneur, creating an oceanfront fitness center on Kauai 's south shore. In this role, I learned to leverage my creativity and quickly develop innovative solutions to a continuous array of complex
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