Essay on A Matter of Safety: School Shootings

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Thirteen people were killed at Columbine High School in 1999, thirty-three died during the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, and twenty-seven people, twenty of whom were children no older than seven, were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 (Kirk). These name only a few of the larger and most well-known school shooting incidences. In total, 297 people have lost their lives due to school-based shootings since 1980 (Kirk). Although this number may be small in comparison to death by guns overall, these instances are completely unwarranted and it is likely that they could have been avoided or at the very least reduced. These people, college and high school students, teachers, and even children, might still be alive today if our…show more content…
Another solution would be the training and arming of teachers, allowing those willing to protect their students to have a means to do so. This likely could have saved the life of Victoria Soto, a brave but unarmed 27 year old teacher who hid her students and then told the Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman that they were in the gym before she, with no means by which to protect herself, was killed. Supposed “gun free zones” are not limited only to schools. Twelve people were killed and many others were injured in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting this past year. It has been suggested that the shooter may have targeted this particular theater, which was not the closest to his home, specifically because unlike others in the area they had a no-gun policy and he knew the movie-goers would be unarmed (Lott). In the New York Times article “Colleges Become Major Front in Fight Over Carrying Guns” Students for Concealed Carry spokesman David Burnett is quoted as saying “If you had asked students the morning of the Virginia Tech shooting if they feel safe, I’m almost positive all of them would have said yes, but just a couple of hours later, those students found out that feeling safe is not the same as being safe,” suggesting that this feeling of
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