A Mature 12-Year-Old Who Refuses A Heart Transplant Analysis

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In the article “A Mature 12-Year-Old Who Refuses a Heart Transplant” Emma is a mature 12-year-old with a congenital heart defect. She has undergone many different heart surgeries to try and help her live a long happy life, but it seems the only remaining option is a heart transplant. Even with the transplant Emma still has a low survival rate, but it is better than having no transplant at all. Her doctor Abdul Hamid is in shock knowing that Emma wants to deny the heart transplant. Emma is for the most part autonomous agent and should be permitted to refuse the medical produces. An autonomous agent is someone who has rights to make the decisions of what happens to themselves; in other words, self-govern. Even though Emma is minor, she shows a complete understanding of her medical condition. Emma shows she understands her condition by doing research, teaching her classmates, and writing an article in the newspaper. All the research Emma did, it made her aware of the low survival rates, and also aware that the heart transplant…show more content…
Hamid does not have to contact authorities about potential intervention. Since Emma has her parents finalizing the refusal of the heart transplant, she meets the principles required for autonomous action such as: intentionally making the decision (intentionality), having complete knowledge of the situation (understanding), not being pressured or having physical restraints (freedom from external constraints), and not being under hypnosis or a drug addiction (freedom from internal constraints). Also, Dr. Hamid doesn’t have a duty because of deontological by Immanuel Kant. Deontological is the value of respecting others is a good way to treat other people, you are obligated to listen to a person’s autonomous choices even though it can cause the person consequences. Since Emma has made an autonomous choice Dr. Hamid should respect it and let her have her
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