A Meal With Jesus Christ Essay

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A Meal with Jesus Twelve disciples were hand selected to spend 3 years with Jesus. They learned from a man who brought then a renewed spirit, taught them a new way of life, and who demonstrated what it looked like to be a perfect being. Then, one night while sitting around the dinner table, Jesus prophesized his own death and resurrection, and called out the disciple that would betray him. Knowing that the end was near, Jesus gave his disciples bread as a symbol of his body and wine as his blood and asked them to eat and drink in remembrance of him. What was the significance of that last meal with Jesus? Why was the breaking and sharing of the bread and wine so important, not only to his disciples but for Christians today? This paper will discuss the meaning of the bread and wine, and how Paul’s elaboration of the Lord’s Supper was a result of the Corinthians’ dishonorable actions. It will also demonstrate that, according to Paul, Jesus’ death on the cross is the most significant event in the Gospel, even over the resurrection, as it symbolized the atonement of Christian’s sin. Finally, this paper will demonstrate how Romans 3:19-26 and 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 have a direct correlation and signify the importance of believing and trusting in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Lord’s Supper
As Jesus ate with his disciples that night, Judas had already made his way to the chief priests to reveal Jesus’ location. The disciples were still in shock from the news, so

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