A Meaningful Romantic Period

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Jonathan Turpin Professor J. Mendel Literature 211 30 September 2017 A Meaningful Romantic The English Oxford Living Dictionary holds three distinct definitions of the word romantic. Among them is the one most commonly thought of in society, today – that warm, fuzzy feeling inside when in the presence of a beloved partner. The Romantic period, however, is referenced by the third definition on the page, “relating to or denoting the artistic and literary movement of romanticism” (“Romantic”). This definition will be the focal point of this paper, which will discuss the trend of the Romantic period to include its characteristics, historical considerations, and sociopolitical factors. This paper will also analyze a literary example of the…show more content…
Blankenagel notes that “restless movement” and a “longing without goal, limit, or aim” (p. 3) were other characteristics of romanticism. The romantic believed that such divine beauty could not be found in passivity, but rather in fervent communion with nature. Historians note that the Romantic Movement was a sort of call to arms against the sovereignty of logic. Their modus operandi was to invade “pure reason … with free-flowing fantasy[, a]n emphasis on the free” (Gasparov et al.). The imagination was to become the new lens through which life was viewed. In terms of time, the Movement is placed into three periods: The first phase, which ranged from the mid-1790s to 1800s; the second phase, from the 1810s to 1840s; and the third phase, said to be post 1848 (“Romanticism”). The first phase, known as the “early period,” set the stage for the rise of the “romantic consciousness” that would saturate the lives of the romantics. The second, or “mid period,” denotes the timespan in which romanticism spread throughout Europe. The third and final phase, the “late period,” comes as the values and beliefs of the movement become commonplace (Gasparov et al.). In the social and political realm, romanticism and the ilk therein showed interesting behavior. Romantics portrayed the common day extroverted introvert. They would at times take to a public forum to have themselves heard, either in voice or in letter, but this was usually to promote and further their cause with regard to
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