A Measure of Delight : The persuit of quality at AT&T Universal Card Service

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of UCS's measurement and compensation system?

Quality Measurement

AT&T's pursuit of quality included measurement methods on a number of levels. Quality measurement allowed the company to use this information in order to perform efficiently the following activities:

Customer feedback through surveys aimed in following through the company's blueprint in order to monitor before, during and after sales service quality. An external firm conducted a customer satisfier survey that obtained information as shown from competitors' and UCS customers regarding product, service and treatment perceptions.

Additionally, UCS's survey team administered 10-15 different surveys, depending on variables such as the
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Vice president of quality mentioned the importance of measurement and gathering information, creating an information system called U-Win that would help telephone associates to service better and quicker the customers. Specification standards for each measure in the case of competitive achievement of quality standards reached a 95% of the indicators earned quality, meaning cash bonus. As Paul Khan said "We wanted quality and we ought to pay for it".

Albeit, the measurements resulted in an average speed answering performance standard of 20 seconds, and therefore abandon rate performance standard resulted to a 3% of incoming calls. The accuracy performance standard was 96% which moreover led to a professionalism performance standard reaching 100%. These results had associates perform a quality evaluation at least 25 days out of every month in 1991 and in August had achieved a 95% of the indicators. "Taking it up" were Davis words according to their commitment for continuous improvement.

All this had as a consequence for the company to raise the bar and merge into some changes which were immediate affecting associates who earned 13 days in January and 16 in February and so did managers. This brought a conflict in the company and had associates accusing management of having raised the Bar as a cost-cutting measure to avoid rewards and compensation. The same year the UCS announced the "triple quality
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