A Media Analysis Of Assisted-Dying

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Media Analysis There are many things that help to create a society, which includes laws, bills, policy, and procedures. These are typically created by the Supreme Court of Canada and Political Leaders who run our country. These rules are driven out of a need required by society, for society. In 2016, Canada passed a new bill for assisted-dying. This paper will review the article; Liberals’ assisted-dying bill is now law after clearing final hurdles. (Appendix A) The Power of a Title The title of this article is powerful and misleading. Liberals’ assisted-dying bill is now law after clearing final hurdles, is crucial to the understanding of the audience and the perception it portrays, as it clearly states that it “is now law”. This insinuates…show more content…
Working with a policy background, every policy starts somewhere. Very rare is the first official version, the last. However, this bill contains many flaws that are discriminatory, and I believe violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “The Charter of rights include democratic rights, legal rights, mobility rights, language rights, equality rights and the fundamental freedoms of religion, thought, expression, peaceful assembly, and association (CRIC, 2005)” (Kanani, McFadden, Regehr & Saini, 2016,…show more content…
Individuals “who aren’t necessarily near death” (Tunney, 2016) but request assisted-dying, and how these situations will be dealt with. Are there legal implications for civil suits, created by family and friends who do not support assisted dying. Should there be criminal suits where health professionals take patients’ lives without consent. In both these instances, there is no legal input with respect to the bill and how it will affect our legal system. There is also a social aspect that hasn’t been addressed, how will communities address individuals who request assisted dying, will there be consequences for patient choices? There was also no input from the religious groups, for many religions feel assisted-dying is equivalent to suicide and may be considered a sin. Religious groups that are completely against assisted-dying are as follows: Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Christian Scientists, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical, Evangelical Lutheran, Jehovah’s Witness, Judaism, and much more. (Death with Dignity,
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