A Media Centre Using A Raspberry Pi Device

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My research project is “how to build a media centre using a Raspberry Pi device” this included the hardware that I could use and the software that I needed to use to enable the function of the device as a whole. This formed my research question to answer several different questions, such as; what hardware is needed, what software is needed, what hardware is essential and what hardware is optional. By creating a full instructional guide I believe I have answered my research question well because it shows how to build a media centre and what is essential for the build itself. The initial research question that I had was “how to build a raspberry pi device” this topic was much too broad so I narrowed it down to “hot to build a media…show more content…
This research question furthered my ability to create something useful. - I have developed my skills in computer software installation throughout this study and I’ve found that it is simple to install an operating system, but there are a lot of potential difficulties along the way. I’ve learned about basic Linux programming such as how to program a basic Linux distributed desktop into a media centre, I didn’t use this media centre because it seemed slow and I kept crashing. I 've developed an understanding of installing software onto a desktop using a command line and an internet connection. I’ve also learned how to build a raspberry pi and set it up adequately as to not ruin the hardware by putting too much power into it which could short circuit the device, also the order of which the hardware should be put in to the designated input slots. The research processes that I followed were; books, internet, looking at previous builds and Raspberry Pi instruction manuals. The books that I looked at weren’t specifically for the Raspberry Pi, but more for the power consumption on the use of recent technology to do with circuit boards and wiring. I believe that focusing a lot on the power consumption because it allowed me not to break or fry the circuit board. The internet was a very useful aid during this
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