A Media Controlled Race Riot

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A Media Controlled Race Riot
The very first thing millions of people do when they wake up is check their phones, and log into whatever social media sites that they are a part of, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more. On these sites, there are several ads or newspaper articles depicting different political messages or views. These advertisements and news articles can easily influence our thoughts on different aspects of life, such as religious view or racial identity. During the era of the race riot, the people of this time had their own version of media: the newspaper. More often than not, the first thing people did in the morning was read the newspaper. The image that comes to mind is businessmen sitting on trains or families gathered together in the morning reading the newspaper. In 1908, Springfield, Illinois experienced a race riot that was mainly controlled by the opinion they were receiving from the material from the media that they read and viewed.
Material that was available to the people of Springfield were newspapers and occasionally plays. A play that was taking place almost a year before a riot was seriously on the minds of Springfield citizens was The Birth of a Nation. A major occurrence that happened almost every time this play was to take place in a northern community was interracial violence in and around the theaters that offered it (Roche pg. 25). It may have been a mistake, but Springfield’s black newspaper the Forum claimed that…

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