A Medium Close Up Shot

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With an increasing in life expectancy from the medication comes the increase in quality of life according to the documentary. In a medium close up shot the documentary introduces a Bwalya Margaret Liteta an 11-year-old girl living with HIV/AIDS. She speaks about how she loves school but is unable to attend and or see her friends due to her illness. This is done to show how HIV/AIDS also affects the lives child and without an education this little girl will be stuck in the cycle of poverty. Bwalya is later interviewed post ARV looking health and playing with her friends. This shows the audience that with ART the quality of life for this little girl has improved for she is able to play with her friends and get an education. They also interview Concillia Muhau who speaks on her state before and after ART, “The way I was feeling in May, it was like I was already dead…there was nothing that I could do for myself. I could not feed myself properly, I wasn’t able to do anything for my daughter” (The Lazarus Effect 2010, 14:11). While speaking on her state pre-treatment the documentary used cutaway shot of someone sitting next to her handing her her purse. This was done to show the reality of what she was saying. Live with HIV/AIDS and not on medication Concillia was unable to take care of her daughter let alone herself and therefore had reply on others. But post ARV everything changed. “…And after I started my medication, it was like I was being resurrected from the bed I was
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