A Meeting At The Bilderberg Conference

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Would it be a surprise to discover that a meeting is held every year whose guest list comprises of business moguls, political leaders, military generals, and innovative aficionados? Each year a meeting is held and elites from Europe and the United States discuss major current national and world issues. This meeting is known as the Bilderberg Conference and is so private that the location is moved every year and only those who are on the guest list are allowed to attend. Bilderberg Group began in 1954 in order to bring Western European and American leaders closer as the Soviet Union was taking control of Eastern Europe. Named “Bilderberg” because the first assembly was hosted at the Bilderberg hotel owned by Prince Bernard of the…show more content…
and Europe grow faster and create jobs? , politics of the European Union, and developments in the Middle East. Some of the well-known attendees consist of the chairman of the group CEO of AXA group, founder and CEO of Amazon.com, Dutch Prime Minister, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs & Co. Just from the few people listed above you can imagine the multiplicity of the 140 delegates that attended in 2013. It’s apparent that the group is influential and in a way essential for American’s and Western Europeans to catch up with each other on a wide range of subject matters. But how did Bilderberg come to be? Initiative was first taken by Polish political advisor Josef Retinger (who also helped with the formation of the European Union) with assistance from Paul Rijkens, President of Unilever. Support from a company like Unilever was significant because it is one of the top European capitalist companies and one of the largest and most powerful multinational corporations in the world. These two contacted Prince Bernard of the Netherlands pitching this idea of unification with United States and made sure to get him on board. There were a few events that lead to the creation of the first Bilderberg meeting, these events act as a domino effect to one another. First, Prince Bernhard leaves his country (with intentions of spreading this idea of unification) to visit his old friend in America Walter
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