A Memorable Person

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What makes someone special, important, and memorable is judged by people differently. In my personal opinion, what makes a person memorable is how he or she has impacted your life, for better or for worse. I decided to deviate from the obvious choice of a dear family member or an especially great teacher, instead, choosing someone in my life whose impact has been recent. My friend Oniqa Urmi. Oniqa enriches the lives of those around her, understands people where others fail to, and is unforgettable to anyone who has the privilege to know her. To begin, I met Oniqa about 5 years ago during my freshman year of high school. It was our first class of Physical Education in the gym playing volleyball. After some instructions from our teacher broke the class up into partners, and surprise my partner was Oniqa. Both of us were extremely shy, quiet, and didn’t talk much during the 45 minutes we spent hitting a ball back and forth. Luckily our friendship didn’t with second period PE. With time we became good friends. In reality, the first day we met wasn’t the start to the typical friendship. Looking back, we were an unlikely pairing that without realizing it had many similarities and experiences. Despite our somewhat awkward first encounter, the following years spent getting to know each other better I learned she was a lot more than a shy girl in my PE class. As mentioned above, I chose Oniqa as my interviewee because of the impact she has had on my life in the time I have
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