Essay on A Mental Health Program Based on Recovery Focused Model

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The mental health program that I will develop would incorporate a recovery focused model. To begin with the environmental setting, the agency would have a clean facility that was appropriate for participants to feel safe. Moreover, there would be different artistic paintings that were diverse and culturally competent. The room would be colorful and friendly where participants would feel inspired to have positive feelings before their session. Collins (2008) describes optimism and hope as strong influences that help participants with less stress and better coping skills. Also, the facility would have music and magazines to keep participant’s focused in order to prepare for their session. For the children, there would be appropriate toys…show more content…
There would be no age limit or discrimination, and everyone would be eligible to enroll. Although the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) describes their program as “clinically competent, culturally competent and linguistically appropriate,” people of different cultures often cannot resonate with many clinicians that work for state associated mental health agencies. Moreover, many participants often cannot find culturally competent clinicians at many mental health agencies and are often reluctant in receiving services (Ngo and Lee, 2007). Hence, the main focus of the mental health agency is to allow participant’s to feel comfortable, and also be inviting to people of diverse cultures and backgrounds without feeling discriminated. The main focus of the mental health agency is for participant to feel welcomed and eager to come back and participate. In terms of organizational hierarchy, all members of the organization will have a critical aspect in collaborating with the agency, and each position will be valued in terms of the same level. Since each employee has an important input and knowledge about particular subjects, many colleagues will be encouraged to speak their opinions during weekly employee meetings. There would be no supervisors at the agency and everyone will be collectively working to provide their participants with appropriate services.
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