A Merger Between Palm Pilot Payment Systems And The World Wide Web

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Among the ubiquitous names on the internet, PayPal falls in that category. It has expanded tremendously over a given period and continues to grow. With the expansion of internet businesses and the amount of transactions that are performed via the World Wide Web, PayPal is considered to be a major solution that one should not overlook when it comes to payment transactions (Balderas, 2011). A merger between Palm Pilot payment systems and X.com, PayPal was born in 1998 and has been making headlines ever since. PayPal has risen to a meteorically massive position by performing online payments. One thing that makes PayPal successful is because consumers and businesses continue to need the services. PayPal holds more than a hundred million active…show more content…
In this case, there is a possibility that the financial statements released will dubious since they might include outdated transactions. There are several barriers that come about with PayPal. A PayPal classic is the arbitrary freezing of accounts. An account can become frozen fast whenever there is an indication of any type of fraud. In this case, it implies that there is a possibility of PayPal suffering immense losses if no risk assessment and mitigation is performed in a timely manner. Freezing the accounts should not be the only solution to fraudulent concerns. On the other hand, freezing accounts gives them time to conduct investigations on potential troubles and correct fraud in the name of protecting the buyer. PayPal’s buyers and sellers have legal protection under the Consumer Credit Act which provides them with protection regardless of what type of transaction is completed. The shares of PayPal are able to be obtained through the same channels that one is able to purchased or trade eBay shares. With the recent split, the expected prices of the eBay shares are expected to drop in order for the PayPal shares to come up. That being said, PayPal does not expect to pay a regular cash dividend which many look forward to when investing in stock. This does not seem to be a major factor affecting the sale or price of this stock. It has been made known that they do expect the stock to fluctuate throughout its time on the market. The

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