A Message Out Of The Blue

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It all started with a message out of the blue. Jenna had been hard at work and was starting to wind down when she logged onto facebook and saw a message from Nikki. Wow thought Jenna, I wondered If I would ever hear from you again. Jenna and Nikki had met at university over 10 years ago and as friends had almost been inseparable. It was a friendship that on one occasion it nearly became something more. The silence between the two had been almost deafening before routine and the normal order of the day took over. Thoughts of Nikki slowly began to fade into the background, the embers only fanned now and then by a smell a song or the thought of the one particular incident that had pushed them apart. After that incident, Jenna had…show more content…
She was born to wealthy parents and seemingly had every opportunity in the world laid out in front of her, whereas Jenna had very little.

She had left college and worked hard to build up some cash to take on her first bar. This had been a success and soon she bought another. Within 8 years, her bars and restaurants were running smoothly and were highly regarded in the city. She had achieved this with her own hard work and with little or no help from anyone.

Nikki unsurprisingly also had done well for herself and settled down with Dan a big, handsome guy that Jenna had noticed from her days on campus. She had seen him drinking in one of her bars once and had a flirty chat with him. If she was being honest with herself this was the kind of guy that she would like to settle down with. He was successful, smart and with a certain look in his eye that led her to think there was more to him than people would imagine.

Jenna had not settled down, far from it. She had a few arrangements in place with men and woman to ensure nice and unexciting would never be something that she would have to endure. She had taken control of her life and had the time and resources to fulfil almost any desire that she could imagine. Her free time was precious and often she like to spend it doing what she loved the most, feeding her deepest carnal
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