A Message To Garcia Analysis

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In the article, A Message to Garcia, Hubbard talks about how a man name Rowan who was asked to deliver a very important message to Garcia. This message was very important and needed to be delivered to him but the problem was, no one knew where he was. Rowan was called upon to deliver the message because they knew that no matter what it took or how long it would take he would get the job done. The article later on talks about those who are the opposite of Rowan. When asked to do a task, these individuals ask a ton of questions and make excuses which normally result in the tasks not getting done or passed off to someone else. This article is important when compared to running a business because there are normally two types of people, one who…show more content…
These individuals are normally the last ones who come to work and the first one to leave. They normally miss a lot of days causing more work on those who does what is required of them. When asked to do a task, they come up with a ton of reasons as to why things shouldn’t be done. They normally do things their way instead of the way that their supervisor asked them to. They don’t do things in a timely manner or they may push the task off on someone else. These people only do the bare minimum. They have a negative attitude which causes the customers to not want to return. They make a business unsuccessful and they are part of the problem than the solution. A successful business can only be successful as its successful people. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a lot of Rowans today. A lot of people don’t have good work ethics. I think that a lot of companies are forced to fill available positions that they sometimes just want a body to fill those vacancies. This cause the Rowans to become burned out and either slack in their job or leaves and look for other employment. Businesses with people like Rowan should be very thankful because these are the people who will make their business
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