A Message about Bullying

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Please Note: I am hoping that this will reach a large amount of people. If this helps even one person then it will have served its purpose. I will have successfully reached the goal of my writing. This is geared for teens who are being bullied. Why, you may be wondering? Well, that’s because I too was a pre-teen victim of bullying, who had no support from an adult, who had no idea about what to do, and who had no help to sort through the colossal turmoil deposited with in me. I have a feeling you will already know everything that you are about to read, but I am going to write it anyway. A MESSAGE FOR THOSE WHO ARE BEING BULLIED If you are being bullied you are probably feeling alone. Chances are you are assuming that no one could possibly understand any of what is happening to you, but please let me assure you: “You’re wrong.” I am not implying that someone else will know exactly how you are feeling, because your feelings are one of the things that belong solely to you. You are correct no one else but you will ever truly know the depth of what you are feeling. Unfortunately, it is only the person who is occupying the body of a bully victim who can understand the ramifications of what the bully is doing to you. Nevertheless, I can tell you that there are lots of people who can relate, identify and empathize with the person being harassed by a bully. Others understand because they too have faced a similar situation. They too have had
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