Essay on A Mexican Farmer Worker in USA

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A Mexican Farmer Worker in USA

The first immigrant I interviewed will be referred to as “Jess”. Jess is from Guanajuato which is in southern Mexico. Jess, his five brothers and sisters, and his parents were farmers. They grew corn as their main crop. Jess’s family lived in a three-bedroom brick house in Mexico. Their house surprisingly had water and electricity. He only made 100 pesos a day ($10.00 U.S.). According to Jess, this was not enough money to get by on his own. He said that the average person in Mexico needs at least 150 pesos per day to live on their own and someone raising a family needs much more than this. This is why in 1985, at the age of 18, he came to Arizona to find a better job and to help his family.
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Jess did not want to go to Tucson because he thought there would not be enough job openings there. He also stated that Phoenix was the only city he had been to in the U.S. and that he wasn’t sure about moving anywhere else. He stayed in Phoenix and found a job at a golf course. He has worked at the golf course for 17 years now. He started out as a grounds keeper making minimum wage and now he makes $31,000 per year as an assistant superintendent. According to Transnational Villagers, the median income (total household income) for Non-Dominican Hispanics in 1999 was $26,982. Jess has never been on welfare. He sends money back to his parents every month but he doesn’t want to go back to Mexico, though he says that he does miss his family and friends back in Mexico and he also misses farming. When he was asked what he thought was the biggest difference between Phoenix and Mexico, he said that he had come from a small town in Mexico and that Phoenix was such a big city compared to his home town. Jess claims that he has not experienced any discrimination since he’s been in Phoenix. He says people have been good to him. Jess says that another difference between Phoenix and Mexico is the cost of living. He says that “It’s (the cost of living) becoming very expensive now…I would never be able to make it in Phoenix with only 150 pesos per day, I barely get by working my two jobs now.” When Jess finishes his 8-hour day at the golf course, he puts in an
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