A Mexican Restaurant

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The photograph shown in the cover page is the one that I will analyze. It shows a Chipotle restaurant, which to the average person, is just that, a regular restaurant; however, there is a purpose behind it. Being in the twenty-first century, where the modern era continues to advance, we see affect in not only our technological gadgets, but also in our restaurants. This era causes restaurants to change into more appealing environments. Normally, when we think of a Mexican restaurant, we assimilate it with a very stereotypical way. The stereotypical way we think of a Mexican restaurant is in a traditional looking building with colors that reflect the country of Mexico. Usually with very fluent waiters and waitresses who may not be very fluent with English, as well as menus that use the Spanish names of the recipe, with all the ingredients in Spanish. Basically, when we think of a restaurant in a stereotypical way, we think of the culture the restaurant is geared to specifically; however, this type of style breaks that stereotype by creating a very hipster style with its modern advances in its restaurant that appeals to the Modern Era with also serving the relatively same Mexican food. So the purpose of the image is to show how the Modern Era doesn’t stop at technology in that it also carries on to our eateries, and how the restaurants have to change along with what is the “status quo” based on the population. As talked about in the previous paragraph, the audience is…
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