A Middle Class Family Essay

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Born to a middle class family,her parents were staunch IR supports in their backwater colony,its early history show great hatred toward aliens and sentient robots. There were cases where the local police force would look the other ways when things happen to non-human locals. Alphard would be born on a farm that was operated mainly by robots and broken aliens that had been con into near slave levels contracts,as her parents would drill into her head about the differences between the races and how the humans were superior . She would go to a general schooling would be a mix experience as they would study mainly on the human accomplishments,rather than those of aliens,robots,cyborgs. She would grow up with many like mind children as they would naturally hassle local non-humans ,with egging their homes,knocking over a mailbox. Mostly harmless until her sixteenth birthday she saw and heard a wild mob, dragging a screeching alien toward the town center which resulted in the hanging of the poor creature. The aliens crime? it had been framed for a theft at a local store naturally, this caused the town to go into a state of anarchy . Human vs Non-human so much so the government would dispatch peacekeepers to the small town to restore order to the town and restore standard rights to the non-humans . The government would go to round up those involved ,Alphard parents some of those offenders their lands being seized and broken up and handed out to non-humans as a mean of pardons. Cruel
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