A Midsummer Night 's Dream By William Shakespeare

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Meeting your truelove sounds like a fantasy, right? It doesn’t seem possible or even attainable in the least this day in time, but Shakespeare’s work has still given us that hope that someday we will be loved the way that we love others themselves. In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” it seems as if there is an endearing ending, but so much lies between Act 1 and Act 5 to have it end the way it does. In this play, there is a complicated romance and friendship between four couples that also illustrates sexual desires and a woman’s submission to a man. To further illustrate, we must first start with Act 1, Scene 1 for the first two “lovers” that are introduced. Theseus, the duke of Athens, has just returned from the war against the Amazons and…show more content…
Hermia has a choice to make after Egeus speaking with Theseus about whom she will marry if marry at all. Theseus says to Hermia, “To fit your fancies to your father’s will, / Or else the law of Athens yields you up / (Which by no means we may extenuate) / To death, or to a vow of single life (1.1.118-121).” She has the choice to either marry Demetrius, become a nun, or even die if she chooses neither. Being young and in love, her and Lysander choose to run away and elope, meeting later in the forest that night. It would have worked out for the couple except for one remaining factor that brought further complications to their love. Hermia’s best friend, Helena, meets Hermia before Hermia runs away to the forest to meet Lysander. Helena is in love with Demetrius, but he no longer feels the same way for her anymore and instead wants Hermia. Being lovesick, Helena is willing to do anything to have Demetrius love her again, even if it means going behind her friends back. Helena decides to let Hermia and Lysander go but tell Demetrius, hoping he will fall back in love with her. Hermia hoped that by confiding in her friend that it would cheer her up saying that Demetrius would not worry about Hermia when she was gone, but Helena so desperate decided to take matters into her own hands (Kerr). Leading into the forest where Hermia and Lysander meet, Demetrius and Helena are not far behind looking
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