A Midsummer Night 's Dream

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Character transformation is a major theme in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the transformation of main characters directly lead to them getting married to their respective partners. A character that faces many obstacles in his pursuit of Hermia is Lysander, who transforms dramatically from the person he was at the beginning of the story. Lysander seems to need to go through a transformation because he resembles Demetrius so closely that it is hard for him to differentiate himself from Demetrius. In the beginning of the play, Lysander and Demetrius have the same personality and are essentially the same person, but by the end of the play, Lysander has transformed into a much more complex and intimate character that shows his love for Hermia and with the help of divine intervention convinces Theseus to approve of his marriage.
At the beginning of the play, Lysander’s love for Hermia is apparent. He has courted her by enticing her at her window and by giving her presents. The only person standing in Lysnader’s way of marrying Hermia is Egeus, who wants Hermia to marry Demetrius because he has made a deal with him. Theseus, the leader of Athens also agrees with Egeus and tells Helena that the only person she can marry is Demetrius. To get around this problem, Lysander devises a plan with Hermia to elope and go to his relative’s house. At this point in the plot, Lysander is shown to be the same character as Demetrius. Lysander says “I am my lord, as well derived as…

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