A Midsummer Night's Dream: Bottom

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A Midsummer Night's Dream: Nick Bottom In a Mid Summer Night's Dream, the character Nick Bottom is given a rather prominent role in the several scenes he appears in, although he is not a lead character in the play. Bottom is unique from all the other characters of the play not only because of the considerable contribution his character brings to the comedic value of the play, but because he is the only character able to enter fully in to both the human world and the world of the fairies. In this paper I will examine the character of Nick Bottom, and provide some analysis into the motives behind this humorous character's strange ways. The initial aspect one notices about Nick Bottom's personality is his enthusiasm for acting. From the…show more content…
In the first act, the scene in which Bottom is included in follows a long woeful rant by Helena about her misfortune. In this case the mood is shifted instantaneously from sympathy for poor Helena to laughter for Bottom and the other mechanicals at their seemingly futile attempts at organizing themselves enough to begin practicing. The next instance is at the beginning of the third act, when the mechanicals enter the forest to begin rehearsal. This is the scene in which Bottom's transformation occurs, and sets up his entrance into the fairy world. When Bottom awakens from the fairy world in the fourth act, he realizes he has had a unique experience, one that is beyond description. This is in contrast to the previous scene in which the lovers all seem to be unaware of what caused them to act as they did throughout the previous night. The lovers are unaware of the events that transpired the night before, which led to their current situation. The most significant scene that involves Bottom is the scene in which his metamorphosis into the "ass" occurs, and the affair with Titania, which follows (3.1). The most notable point in this scene is when Bottom leaves the human world and enters in to the fairy world. He is the only character in the play that has this ability. The biggest surprise is the relative ease with which Bottom's
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