A Midsummer Night's Dream - Bottom and Puck. Who is the protagonist?

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Though Bottom often steals the show in performance, Puck is usually considered the most important character in A Midsummer Night’s dream. Beginning with the importance of the characters and their roles, firstly Puck is the mischievous goblin through-out the play and Bottom is part of the craftsmen who are of lower class then the rest of the characters. These two characters are completely different, coming from separate environments; Puck from the fairy world and Bottom from the working class, however they both serve the same purpose; to make their audience laugh. Puck is a supernatural character who likes to play pranks on humans and takes a joke on human’s stupidity whilst Bottom is an over confident, loud character who wants to the…show more content…
However the idea of love is faked by the use of the magical love juice which confuses their love and makes the victim fall uncontrollably in love with the first person or animal they see which represents the idea of love in real life, humans can fall stupidly in love with someone and have no choice or a way of stopping it because it’s natural. The use of love strongly mimics the idea of love in real life and Shakespeare is trying to portray the reality of humans; how ‘true love’ is an illusion and every human being has a different perspective of it. The idea of reality and fantasy is important because during the times that the play was written was in the Elizabethan era and they strongly believed in the fantasy world; fairies and the devil. The play uses dramatic irony and this was an important part of a comedy because it shows that the audience know more than the characters producing humour, almost like a pantomime (when the audience shout things out at the actors to tell them what’s happening). The play was written in the 16th century during the power of Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabethan era) and because of that, Shakespeare involved female characters into his plays to impress the Queen and not explore ideas of sexism also using Bottom’s character to play out every man’s fantasy; to have a Queen fall in love with them as Titania (The Queen of The Amazon) fell in love with Bottom for a short period of time under the influence of love juice. Edging
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