A Midsummer Night's Dream- Love

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”Doubling” shows indistinguishable personalities of each character but completely contrapositive background stories and actions. Lysander and Demetrius are completely identical except for their personality, actions, and the fact that Egeus and Theseus do not approve of Lysander as Hermia’s spouse. Helena and Hermia are very alike except for the minor differences in their appearances. The third doubling relationship is shown in between the rulers of the different worlds who are Oberon and Theseus as well as Titania and Hippolyta. Throughout the play, three pairs of people who are all tantamount to each other in appearance but completely different in actions continue to have comedic and humorous scenes while hidden clues along the way disclose information to unveil a delightful and realistic story.

Shakespeare uses the “doubling theme” between Demetrius and Lysander to relax and entertain the audience.The beginning of the story starts with Egeus, Hermia’s dad, and Theseus, the duke of Athens, talking with Demetrius, Lysander, and Hermia. They discuss how Lysander wooed Hermia unfairly when she was rightfully Demetrius’s. “This man [Lysander] has bewitched the bosom of my child: Thou, thou…
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