A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare Essay

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A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare In the second scene that completes Act I, we are introduced to an extraordinary group of familiar but outlandish comical characters that have been enlightened with the possibility of performing a stage interlude as part of the entertainment at the quick approaching marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. ====================================================================== The Mechanicals are not only thought of as the 'rude mechanicals', they are also thought of as sweet and gentle folk who have had no promoting purpose in their lives until now. ================================================================== Peter Quince play as…show more content…
===================================================================== This in a way is used to show us the method and type of people who would play women in plays. It is also purposely used by Shakespeare to show us that Flute is a gentle character and is very self-conscious. On the other hand we could also say that Shakespeare is using scenes like Act 1 Scene 2 to mock or rather ridicule his theatrical practices. ====================================================================== Robin Starveling the Tailor plays the part of the moon. He seems to forget his lines, and explains who he is in prose. =================================================================== Snug the Joiner who says, "I am slow of study" but is told that the lion need only roar. Eventually Snug does learn a few lines. =================================================================== Tom Snout the Tinker is simple minded and so is put to play as the wall. ================================================================== These three characters, Robin, Tom and Snug, have a direct link as they are the discarded mechanicals in view of the fact that they are or rather seem to be
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