Essay on A Migrant’s Search for a Better Life

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In this essay, I shall portray an episode in the life of a migrant who came to a land, much different from his own, in search of a better life. Parallels will be drawn between this man’s experience and those of several migrant figures within the texts and readings assigned throughout this course. The reader will “meet” the subject of my study and find that the search for attaining a better life does not always require following the expected or typical path. Dreams for a future may revolve around one goal at the outset yet focus on a different issue in the final outcome. In addition, the underlying global nature of the impetus for uprooting oneself from homeland and family and migrating to a foreign land thousands of miles away or …show more content…
He was fearful at first, walking across the desert in the dark for an hour with the Coyote who had taken over from the first one. “Later I relaxed and I felt that I won. When I crossed the border, walked for an hour and got to the place, I won. Then, when I got in the car with my friends at an abandoned farmhouse and some people did not get a car, I won.” He smiled broadly as he explained that there was room for only three per car in addition to the driver. The rear seat had been removed and all migrants had to lie flat across the width. His making it that far felt like a series of small victories and filled him with excitement and anticipation.

In Phoenix, he stayed with his cousin who is married to an American citizen. Within a day, he was driven to a car washing facility and was hired on the spot. He quickly adjusted to the new surroundings and other migrants showed him various procedures and techniques on how to survive as an undocumented immigrant.

Morelos’ first step towards achieving the “American Dream” entailed working diligently and saving as much money as possible. Initially, he sent remittances home to his mother who was to bank it there for him after she subtracted small amounts to be used to make her life easier while he was in America. Her husband had

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