A Mir Kiss

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A Mir Kiss Case Analysis: Organizational Behavior and Culture Davenport University 01/09/11 I. The Situation: In preparation for an expedition to Mars, a joint international studies program, Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP), set up a replica in Moscow where three international researchers were joined with four Russian cosmonauts. The three researches were from Japan, Canada, and Austria. None of the participants spoke English as their first language, however they each communicated in English at varying levels of proficiency during their stay. The replica was no larger than the size of a train car. As part of the study, the researchers were asked to join the Russian cosmonauts for 110 days, after the four Russians had…show more content…
The reason for their conflict goes unmentioned, and over the course of the experiment may not matter. The overall goal of the study was to see how or if crew members could cope. This would mean that whatever conflicts arose, would have be solved by mature conversing between the members. It could also be suggested that the crew members had not received training in dealing so closely with other individuals. One could almost deem a communication skills building course necessary before the experiment had ensued. This would allow conflicts that arose during frustration situations to be explored and extinguished by conversing with each other. Should they have had better communication skills no such disagreement would have been an issue. The final problem was a trigger, the alcohol, which lowered the inhibitions of the participating Russian men involved in the conflict. Generally well received alcohol provides a release factor generally enhancing the mood one has previously to drinking. Should any of the crew members had been frustrated, as suggested above, the alcohol would have had a profound effect on the men. It should never have been approved. IV. Alternative Solutions: Individuals are always going to disagree when working together in groups, and conflicts are going to arise. The result of conflict in the workplace is essentially the responsibility of the person in charge. It is not known if someone was at the head of the research group

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