A Mission And Vision Statement

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Introduction A mission and vision statement define a facility; it provides a statement of the companies goals, values and its purpose. All employees need to be aware of these values in-order to allow the company to succeed and to accomplish greater tasks. Baystate Noble is a small community hospital and its mission and vision statement define the hospital very well. Their statement states the following, “It is our mission to improve the health of our patients through innovative care in a personalized environment that exceeds the expectation of our community” (“Mission and Vision”, n.d., p. 1). Baystate Nobel is by far not perfect, however I can say confidently, that the mission and vision of this hospital are being worked on daily. Identification of Mission and Vision Statement The mission of Baysate Noble is to deliver care with the standards of clinical excellence and accessibility. This mission statement is supported by a vision which states the following “We will accomplish this by enhancing our foundation with a focus on facility, network and service” (“Mission and Vision”, n.d., p. 2). First, the vision for the facility is to improve accessibility, minimize delays by expanding, and providing more outpatient services. Secondly, the network of the facility will be expanded by developing partnerships with skilled health care providers and improving the accessibility of the electronic health information. Lastly, the vision for improving service will be accomplished
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