A Mission Statement At Sheltering Arms

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At Sheltering Arms, we believe that every child and family deserves an equal chance at happiness and future success. Our mission is to strengthen the education, well-being, and development of vulnerable children, youth, and families across the New York metro area. We serve nearly 22,000 people each year from the Bronx to Far Rockaway. Through compassion, innovation, and partnership, we respond to our community 's greatest needs and enable individuals to reach the greatest heights of their potential. We have maintained an unwavering commitment to our mission since 1831.
The families served by Sheltering arms are from NYC 's poorest communities. They are from decades of generational poverty, underperforming
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The Organization create environments and opportunities where they can explore brighter futures. Through innovative curriculum and project based, hands on learning, students gain the skills they need to overcome barriers and achieve success at the highest levels.

Youth Development
The organization encourages teens to discover interests and develop their talents regardless of the barriers to success for youth coming of age in impoverished or high crime neighborhood. Connecting youths to positive role models, cultivating their skills and interest and creating opportunities for them to shine positions them for success as healthy adults, strong leaders and active citizens. The components through which this is achieved is through the Juvenile Justice Reform and Preparing youth for Adulthood. The Juvenile Justice program utilizes non-traditional solutions to meet the city’s need for comprehensive and effective rehabilitation. Preparing Youth for Adulthood through partnership with skilled mentors, inspiring role models and Colleges closed the gaps left by past abuse and neglect. This helps to restore self- esteem that that fuels hard work, personal development and success.

Health and Wellbeing
The health and wellbeing division is comprised of the Developmentally Disabled, Family support Services and Foster care and Adoption. The developmentally Disabled program for

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