A Mission Statement For A Strategic Planning

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In formulating a process for undertaking a strategic plan for, say the veterinary services organization mentioned in my course paper and presentation, a first step would be formulating at least a mission statement for the organization. Since the veterinary clinic in question had not formalized a mission statement its mission was perhaps nebulous or up for debate. Berman suggests that the original mission statement might be revisited during the design phase (please see the following below), however, if none is in place prior to the start of strategic planning then perhaps an attempt to develop one at the start of the strategic planning process is advisable, even if it were to be revisited and modified during the process. As the Chinese proverb states, “如果你不知道你要去哪裡,任何道路會帶你去那裡。”* The mission statement allows the organization to develop specific goals and programs and serve a purpose in the strategic planning process.

Berman states in Chapter 4, the purpose of strategic planning is change, and is therefore a process. This process, he continues, is typically made up of four phases. These four phases are preplanning, research, design and implementation. This process helps the organization to align priorities to changing conditions and opportunities. In the case of the veterinary services organization, it was poised for change and that change would be best pursued using a strategic planning process. The clinic was ready for new goals and strategies, and needed to create a shared
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