A Mobile Solution Provider For The Integration Of Field Management Activities

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Latista is a mobile solution provider for the integration of field management activities. Basically, it is a cloud-based quality management program that can aid to effectuate competency by lean hardware prepossessions. Altogether, Latista has numerous modules named Latista Field, Latista Business Intelligence, Latista Document, and Latista Design Review. This paperless solution is able to perform following functions.
1. QA/QC checklists can be exerted to guarantee quality control of projects.
2. A rolling punch list to guide contractors to keep track of contentions before they pile up.
3. Track project performance, manage and resolve site grievances at earliest.
4. Access all types of documents including drawings, equipment lists,
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With Latista field, notes were automatically transcribed and organized, and the system was perfect for punch lists. The biggest practical use of Latista field was to communicate issues and updated information to 100 subcontractors working on the job site. The subcontractors need not buy a licensed copy of Latista field software, they were able to access information from their own offices through Latista’s exclusive web portal and via emailed reports.
The company was able to complete the project in 23 months itself. Latista field software helped them to decrease time, staffing needs, changes or error and improve collaboration. Thousands of punch lists issues were managed in only three weeks. Project was delivered in the budget of $611 million. Clark employees were amazed with the ease of information management due to Latista software. Data entry was reduced which helped the construction company optimize the staffing needs on the job. Moreover, report turnaround became easier from normal 3 days to within a day. Overall, Clark construction was completely satisfied about their choice of using Latista software to allow paperless and faster information processing throughout the project timeline.
DPR construction was working on a Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center for Thornton Hospital at University of California San Diego. Project team decided to implement Latista to ease the extensive punch lists and to bring
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