A Mobile Transaction Platform Vendor And Solution Provider

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Background: Telepin is a mobile transaction platform vendor and solution provider based in Ottawa, Canada, with over 40 deployments globally, mainly in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Central America. Telepin’s product portfolio includes Mobile Financial Services, Airtime top-up, and mobile marketing. Mobile Financial Services, also referred to as Mobile Money is a service in which the mobile phone is used to access financial services. These include, but not limited to, person to person money transfer, cash-in and cash-out, bill payment, merchant payment etc. The Nigerian communications commission is the Nigerian government body responsible for mobile financial services regulation on the mobile operators’ side, while the Central Bank of Nigerian has been given the authority to issue mobile financial services licenses, which means they are the only government body legally authorised to issue mobile money operator (MMO) licences in Nigeria. Last week’s progress: After multiple attempts, I succeeded in making contact with the Special Assistant to the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications commission, Mr Edoyemi Ogoh. However, he seemed quite busy, and could not give me much time, but we were able to have a brief discussion on the factors, from the regulatory point of view, impacting the growth of mobile money in Nigeria. He was of the opinion that the bank-led model for providing mobile financial services in Nigeria, as opposed to the operator-led model could be
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