A Model Of Christian Charity

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William J. Diaz Prof. Lopez English 473 March 4, 2015 “TITLE” A Model of Christian Charity is a sermon, or more of a simple speech delivered by Winthrop in order to inspire his fellow Puritans who sailed in order to settle in the New England. This speech was given in order to keep them committed to their new settlement. It was most probably not intended to be a timeless piece of literature that it became later on. John Winthrop’s “A Model of Christian Charity” is also known as “A City on a Hill”. It often illustrates the American status which is of the leading and frontrunner nation of the world. It has been quoted by many politicians that America is a beacon of civilization and as a leader and front runner it is the responsibility of this nation to guide the rest of the world going into the future. By analyzing Winthrop’s speech and studying the circumstances in which the speech was delivered helps in the better understanding of the circumstances. It also unveils a much profound and deeper message that he wanted to deliver. John Winthrop was nominated as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Company in the year 1629, and he was given the assignment of leading a flotilla of Puritan early settler to found a community of their own in New England the following year. The speech was delivered to his fellow voyagers on board the Arbella, the leading ship of this fleet, as they set to cruise from their native England. In his speech he laid out very discreet guidelines for the
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