A Model Transformation Approach For Mobile Application

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Nowadays, there is no stable model transformation approach for mobile application. Model transformation is one of the prominent features and the rising research area of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). There is still gap between software designer and developer because of the heavyweight of graphical modeling language like Unified Modeling Language (UML). The textual modeling language attempts to fill the gap between modeling and implementing in the development lifecycle. The proposed research work intends to transform text-based model oriented program to mobile application. UML Programming Language (Umple) uses the concept of textual modeling as a technique to reduce differences between the model and the code. The technique of model transformation is defined by meta-model and transformation rule. The proposed work intends to construct the source meta-model for model oriented program and the target meta-model for mobile application. And it also intends to define model transformation rules to bridge the gap between source and target meta-model by using ATLAS (ATL) transformation language. The proposed system expected to generate the android source project and create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) android apps. Although there are already some approaches to model-driven development of mobile apps, there is still gap in model transformation approach for mobile applications. Individual Approaches are in moving target. The technical space of model transformations still needs

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