A Modern Asian History : The Emperor ( 2012 )

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A modern Asian History Movies on history have been trend going on in the recent era but with more addition of fiction and additional information to it. Do these movies provide any significant knowledge about the history? Surprisingly they do but with other fiction characters too which makes us believe the existence of those characters is inadequate to the audience. Some movies just focus on direction using one book with a little research whereas some movies do a lot of research to provide correct information. A movie based on modern Asian History ‘The Emperor (2012)’ is a movie based on little research. The movie is based on the book ‘His majesty 's salvation’ written by shiro okamoto. The book was written in the native Japanese language and has not been translated into English yet which becomes very difficult to say whether all the scenes in the movie are similar to what is mentioned in the book. Peter Webber directed the movie ‘The Emperor (2012)’ based on the modern Asian history. His interest towards the history of Japan devoted him to make this film. When he heard about the story, he thought it was a good opportunity to go back and examine what happened. Vera and David wrote the script from the movie. The director wanted to show the courage of two great leaders. A lot of research was done by the writers. Peter himself read several history books such as a detective investigation’s of smoked filmed offices, clothes they wore. (1) According to the movie, General MacArthur,
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