A Modern Day Band That Incorporated The Baroque Style Of Music

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Baroque music started around the 1600s and reflected the theatrical art and music which was popular at the time. During the Baroque era, music was shaped by the magnificent paintings, sculptures, and Catholic Church. Four hundred years later, music still shares some similarities like instrumentation, harmony, and dynamics, while being incorporated into modern day music. Deep Purple was a rock band formed in 1968 who experimented with, and incorporated the Baroque style into their music. However, much of today’s music only has some similarities of the Baroque era.
The original goal of this research paper was to find a modern day band that incorporated the Baroque style of music into their own. After doing research, it was discovered that a famous band known as Deep Purple was one of the first to incorporate the Baroque style into some of their music. Deep Purple was also one of the first rock bands to record with a live orchestra. Since this was not the norm for modern music, my focus changed from a band that incorporates Baroque, to a band that doesn’t. The reasons for the change is to show how there are some similarities, but how music has evolved and lost some of the work which came about in the 1600s. In this paper I will compare a concert from the extremely successful and popular band known as AC/DC, to that of a concert by George Handel.
George Handel, born in February 1685, was a composer from Halle Germany. In Handel’s early life he introduced his first opera
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