A Modern State And Public Water Systems

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A modern state is a set of organisations and institutions related to the function of the government; its role is to provide order, policy, revenue, internal and external representation, and services.1 When the state fails to govern the commons, that is, the land or resources affecting the whole community, private companies take over. Within the past several decades privatization of the freshwater sources and public water systems is widespread worldwide. Yet, private companies provide water guided by the principle of the financial gain and not based on the equal distribution paradigm, and such approach makes poverty-stricken suffer the most, while the wealthy remain intact. In California, the region of the world having the seventh largest world 's economy,2 billionaires “hoard water in the “water banks” that have been quietly gifted to them by the government.”3 These water-bank-systems allow to accumulate water in the underground reservoirs for water-bank holders ' needs or for purpose of leasing.4 One such system, Kern Water Bank, a thirty square miles of marshland filled with flocks of birds,5, is used to water pomegranate trees, a key ingredient in production of the fruit-drink by POM-Wonderful, a company owned by the billionaires Stewart and Lynda Resnick.6 Ironically, Kern Water Bank Authority, technically a public agency, is subsidized by the Paramount Farming Company, a company with world 's largest pistachio and almond production, which is also owned by the Resnicks.
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