A Modern Synthesis of Science with Eastern Christianity Essay

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Introduction Since the dawn of consciousness, humans have strived to understand the world around them and their place in it. From the first naturalistic surveys of the flora and fauna of the earth painted on the rocky walls of fire-lit caves millennia ago to the enormously complex investigations into quantum physics ventured at today’s particle accelerators, human curiosity has known no bounds. By way of organizing the countless questions posed and answers sought, broad conceptions of "science," "reason," "philosophy," and "religion" have been created and debated by humankind for centuries. Beginning in earnest during the Age of Reason following the Renaissance, two distinct ways of understanding the world seemed to form. On one hand,…show more content…
Conceptions holding that science and religion should operate (epistemologically and philosophically) in basically the same manner lead to the Conflict or Integration models . At issue for philosophy, from the most formal seminars in leading universities to the most basic ideas of personal morality conceived by individuals world-wide, is achieving a supreme understanding of humanity and its role in the world. Should this understanding encompass both science and religion (Dialogue and Integration) or favor one or the other rather than some synthesis of both (Independence and Conflict)? How a specific philosophy answers these sets of essential questions determines how science and religion will interact and the role of each in a greater understanding of the world. It seems to me that the most complete and satisfying understanding of the world must take into account both scientific ideas of reason and rational progress in synthesis with some religious conception of a divine designer, infinite in power and scope. The reasons for this insistence for both shall become clear in the following pages. Science, as I will take it for the remainder of this essay, encompasses the various fields known as physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and most of philosophy. It is a rational system based on a combination of reason, intellect, and empirical observations. Religion, as I will use it, refers to a specific outlook on Christianity developed in the eastern

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