A Modern Traditional Puppet Theatre

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Almost all the countries around the world know what “puppetry art” is and have it as an art at their country. In Vietnam, puppetry art is one of the most popular traditional art that existed for a long time. Besides having the same kinds of puppet theatre as other countries, Vietnam also has their own unique puppet theatre called “Water puppet theatre”. So, what is “water puppet theatre”? The answer is in the name of itself, puppet theatre in water. Throughout the long history, water puppet theatre not only has become unique traditional puppet art and popular to other countries, but it also nearly disappeared in nowadays. There are many different histories about water puppet theatre in Vietnam. According to legend, the history of water…show more content…
The performance cannot lack of drums, firecrackers auxiliary, music, and the story teller. The puppet theatre turned out to be unique by its own unique puppets and the way it plays. The puppets are made out of fig wood. This kind of wood is very light, can flow easily on the water’s surface. The fig wood was cut remains, carved with stylized lines separately and then castigate, polished and decorated with different colored paints to punctuated the personality of each character. The shape of the puppets usually fresh, fun, comedy and symbolic properties. Currently, the prototype was based on folk, but the puppets are made fairly large, assembled in one body, a height of about thirty to forty centimeters. Making puppets is complicated, if not as a standard, then people could not handle or play it difficult. To complete a puppet, it should take a lot of steps, meticulously requires dexterity of the artisans (Lê). The head and the body of the puppet appeared on the surface, represented for the character, while the base is submerged to keep the puppet floating above and it also a place to installed the control system to moving puppets. People, who control the puppets, will stand in the water for more than one hour to control the puppets perform the plays. Sometimes, controllers will switch depends on the play’s length. Just like other kinds of
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