A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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Jonathan Swift, author of the satirical piece “A Modest Proposal,” organized an outrageous proposal to the people of Ireland. In this pamphlet, Swift offered his personal views on how to overcome Ireland’s issue of overpopulation and poverty. By raising nationwide attention, Swift plan to shock the readers by emphasizing the idea of cannibalism as a way to deal with Ireland’s problems. Swift’s technique of audience, tone, and pathos help determine the advantages and disadvantages of “A Model Proposal”. To begin with, Swift intended his audience to be the beggars and rich land lords of Dublin, Ireland. By making a controversial proposal, Swift wanted to spread awareness about Dublin’s current issues of poverty and overpopulation. Swift shows this by saying,’ for their helpless infants who, as they grow up, either turn thieves for want of work, or leave their dear native country, to fight for the Pretender in Spain, or sell themselves to the Barbadoes” (8). As an offspring of a beggar, that child is destined to live a life of misfortune and failure. Therefore, Swift attempt to "find out a fair, cheap, and easy Method" for converting the starving children of Ireland into "sound and useful members of the Commonwealth. By targeting the poor, Swift strengthens “A Modest Proposal” by finding a solution to a nationwide problem. Another advantage of Swift’s proposal are financial gains. Swift then began to discuss the price and meat qualities of a 1-Year old child. These children,

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