A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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The story ‘A Modest Proposal’ makes the readers feel a sense of dread and disgust. ‘The Modest Proposal’ is a pamphlet written by Jonathan Swift, a satirist from the Dublin literary world, and it is a proposal being proposed narrated by “the economic projector [and] an ostensibly genuine voice which can usefully be called Swift 's” (Phiddian 610) such as in previous writings, the proposal is a plan to make 20,000 poor people breed, sell the rest for money for the 20,000 poor, to raise 20,000 of the children and to repeat this process for forever as far as the readers are told. While the first true clue comes to the sentence before this will start with the proposal, in the beginning of the proposal the narrator seems like a man of logic…show more content…
In the last line of the tenth paragraph The beginning seems similar to someone telling the advantages of his proposal but then after the semicolon he seems to be recommending recipes and when some foods are best to eat which shares more similarities to a cookbook than to a proposal not only that but it seems to come from someone who is experienced when it comes to eating child’s meat not someone who just so happened to hear someone talk about how tasteful and nutritious child’s meat is, these are detailed descriptions and suggestions, suggestions that can only be made by someone who has experienced it and tried it, this conclusion can be drawn since the narrator doesn’t say

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