A Modest Proposal Essay

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Matt Peyton
Mrs. McLelland
AP Literature and Composition - 2nd
November 11, 2017
Psychoanalytical & New Criticism For all of time people comprised of evil ideologies have inhabited the earth, lurking in the shadows of the honest people in the world. Despite the suffering of others, power and personal gain is the ultimate goal of these corrupt human beings. Through the lens of new criticism, the two pieces of literature, Brave New World and “A Modest Proposal,” use literary devices such as imagery and diction in order to develop a theme which relates to this proposition that many human beings squander in the evils of the world because both stories deal with personal gain and power even if it calls for the suffering of others. While
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This is also apparent in the story titled “A Modest Proposal”. In this story titled “A Modest Proposal” Swift uses imagery in order to make his proposal clear to the reader, which begs the question, “Is sacrificing the poor for the well being of the wealthy a polite decision?” Swift makes the statement, “a young healthy child well-nursed is at a year old most delicious.” (Swift 129). This imagery composed statement is not one that a person with good morals and an honest mind set would state, which adds to development of this story’s theme. This is similar to John in Brave New World being compared to an ape because Swift also relates to animals. In this statement, Swift proves to have a mindset comparable to a black widow because these spiders have the characteristic traits of cannibals, and Swift shows these traits in saying that he prefers a healthy child to feast upon, rather than an unhealthy one. In the two pieces of literature titled Brave New World and “A Modest Proposal”, the authors use symbolism in order to make the two themes that are alike in similarity more apparent to the reader. In Brave New World the one goal that the leaders of the World State had was complete control and power of society. With this being true, at any moment someone notices independence, the consumption of drugs begins. It is like second nature to

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