A Modest Proposal

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Assignment 1: Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” Dr. Anthony McCormack Strayer University World Culture II Gladys A. Reyes July 25, 2015 In the satire “A Modest Proposal’, Jonathan Swift expresses his feelings of frustration with regard to the aggravation and political issues in Ireland. He describes being frustrated with the indifference of Ireland politicians, the wealthy, the English tyranny, and the degradation and poor conditions in which many poor, Irish women and children have been forced to live in. Swift is embarrassed for those that come to the towns and travel the country, only to see the streets full and crowded with beggars. Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” satire is a reality called for the politician, the wealthy, and the…show more content…
Secondly, the poor will have the money necessary to pay for rent, and provide food for their tables. He is stating to the audience that the people of Ireland need to do something to counter attack the oppression from England. Thirdly, the nation will save money since it will not have all those poor people to support. Fourthly, the reproduction of children will be dramatically less and the expense burden to the parents will be only in place for a year. Fifthly, the mother’s love and care for the children will increase, since they will have monetary reason for the well-being of the children which later on will provide a profit. Swift is trying to express that if a child that is loved and cared for and is given an opportunity to become a good citizen, receives a good education, it will be a vital asset to the nation in the long run. Lastly, he declares that he does not have any children to sell in order to earn the cash, nor his wife is able to have children, for that reason he does not have any personal interest to the proposal acceptancy, except for public good, the nation, relieving the poor and providing pleasure to the rich( Swift, 1729) In conclusion, ‘A Modest Proposal” essay by Jonathan Swift is a production of his frustration of hopeless proposal from ineffective schemers (Swift, 1729). Swift’s proposal sounds ridiculous and insane. How does a person in their right mind suggest

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