A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

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This caused the Ireland economy to slowly fall apart as many people discarded the issues. However, Jonathan Swift took advantage of the overlooked laws and went on to write the essay, A Modest Proposal. In this writing piece Swift lodged a ridiculous proposal. In doing so he manifested a clear cut image of how backwards and corrupted the state of Ireland really was in the hands of the English. Swift’s essay employed his insincerity, sarcasm, verbal irony, and rhetorics that depicted the conditions of Ireland and its people. However his tone of the whole essay along with his insincerity illustrated the comical effect of the proposal to make his argument seem unserious.
Swift illustrates the purpose of the essay with his insincerity because for starters, he does not put the blame of the state's struggles on only the people but the British and politicians as well. He stated that after a poverty-stricken infant lived through his childhood years, they'd either abandon Ireland to fight for Spain or even sell themselves as servants to the Barbadoes. Here he advocated how these people have no pride or sense of nationalism towards their own native country and ultimately will lead them to their demise. By putting this idea out there, Swift suggested that the people of Ireland willingly work as a proud nation and bring forth…
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